About Us

Peak Remedial is a friendly, client centred clinic in the Heart of Bishops Waltham. Providing a range of healthcare treatments as well as general wellbeing therapies, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality treatments directed to your needs and requests.


Why Choose Us

At Peak Remedial, we believe that the focus around you and your needs ensures every treatment gets the attention and specific recognition required. With the provision of various healthcare therapies, we can be sure the find the right one for you and your needs.

From Sports Therapy to Medical Acupuncture and Aromatherapy, our therapies have been chosen so they can successfully be combined or treated alone – equally providing the best treatment possible.  So whether you’ve been suffering from a recent injury, long time aches and pains or just struggling to keep up with modern day living, we can apply and adjust a treatment suitable for you.

Our purpose, is to ensure we can give you and your body the tools to stimulate and support the healing process – addressing the cause alongside the symptoms of each and every condition. With a passion to develop your understanding of treatments and therapies, we aspire to develop your mental and physical understanding – ensuring the progression of physical well-being and overall happiness in yourself.

Reaching Your Peak

At Peak Remedial, our target is always focused around you and your needs.

Our Clinic

Peak Remedial is located in the historic village of Bishops Waltham.

The Team

Our Team is passionate about improving your quality of life.

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