Osteopathic Articulation & Manipulations

Osteopathic Articulation and Manipulation is an additional manual therapy to target a stimulation to the body’s natural health process encouraging a healthy movement in joints, muscles and tendons by targeting a correction to mechanical imbalances.

Osteopathic concepts originally began by considering the interlink between joint lesions and their relation to anatomical displacement and dysfunction. Over the years, the development of Osteopathic techniques has allowed a continuous growth to the method of techniques application and its implication of muscular movement and stresses.

How Does It Work?

Osteopathic Articulation and Manipulation uses a unique and gentle approach to additional therapies to assist and enable functional movement. Articulation is the process of taking a joint’s movement to it’s natural barrier and creating a mechanical deformation to the fibres elastic properties – allowing a healing rebinding of fibres to the structures original shape and size. Manipulation involves a stronger, more instant affect through a Hight Velocity Thrust (HVT). HVT manipulations involve taking a joint past its normal range of motion but remains within its anatomical range of motions.

Osteopathic Articulation and Manipulation can increase a range of anatomical functions including:

Osteopathic Articulations and manipulations at Peak Remedial are adapted and included in your treatments to where you feel comfortable. Our therapists are continuously developing their knowledge and method of application to ensure the best therapy can be included in your treatment, and you receive the best treatment possible.